About Subtle Statements NYC

Subtle Statements NYC is empowered by the fusion of French chic & Scandi fashion. We believe in celebrating the beauty of simplicity and subtlety, allowing our collection to become an extension of your personal style and state of mind.

New Arrivals

Gemstone Collections

Step into a world where vibrant energy meets retro charm with our Gemstone Accessories Collection. Each piece in this collection is a nod to the past, featuring bold, geometric shapes and the glossy allure of modern& mid-century design.

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Introducing our Enamel Collection, where the clean lines of modern minimalism blend seamlessly with the whimsical charm of French retro. Each piece in this unique collection exemplifies elegance through simplicity, featuring smooth enamel set in designs that echo the sophisticated yet playful spirit of vintage French fashion.

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Our Pearl Collection showcases the natural beauty and refined sophistication of these precious gems. Each pearl is carefully selected for its luminous sheen, roundness, and smooth texture, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is a testament to luxury and grace.

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Simply Gold

Crafted with meticulous care, each item in this collection features a rich, golden finish that enhances the warm, vibrant luster of 18k gold.

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